Dr. Nides is the President of Los Angeles Clinical Trials, specializing in clinical research and development of products and medications to help smokers quit using combustible tobacco.  Dr. Nides has been the principal investigator of over 60 smoking cessation trials testing nicotine and non-nicotine products including patch, gum, lozenge, Inhaler, Zyban and Varenicline.

Most recently the team has been researching a variety of electronic cigarettes to determine blood nicotine levels, consumer perceptions and preferences, and their effectiveness as a tool to reduce or quit using combustible tobacco.

Dr. Nides is also the co-founder and Director of "Picture Quitting," the Entertainment Industry’s Quit Smoking Program that provides state-of-the-art group, individual, and telephone smoking cessation services to studio employees, actors, writers, directors and “behind the scenes” workers. Since 2004 Picture Quitting has treated over 6,000 smokers with a 6 month success rate of 52%. www.picturequitting.org

From 1987 to 1999 Dr. Nides was a smoking cessation researcher in the Pulmonary and Critical Care Dept. of the UCLA School of Medicine. Over the years, Dr. Nides has trained thousands of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other health care professionals on ways to help their smokers quit.

Selected Publications


About the founder, Mitchell Nides, Ph.D.

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Nicotine Blood Levels and Short-term Smoking Reduction with an Electronic Nicotine Delivery System

Nides, Leischow NJOY ecigs study

Hollywood Quits—Behind the Scenes of a Hollywood-based Smoking Cessation Program

Nides Hollywood Quits Picture Quitting

Update on Pharmacologic Options for Smoking Cessation Treatment

Nides Update on Meds Am Jr of Med Suppl

Smoking Cessation With Varenicline, a Selective a4b2 Nicotinic Receptor Partial Agonist

Nides Varenicline Archives of Internal Med

Varenicline Versus Bupropion SR or Placebo for Smoking Cessation: A Pooled Analysis

Nides Chantix pooled analysis